About us

About us

“METIZI” J.S.Co is a company specialized in production of steel wires, ropes and their products, spare parts, export and import.
“METIZI” was founded in 1978 and the first name of the company was “Plant for steel wires and ropes” with production capacity 100 000 metric tons wires and 47000 metric tons ropes. The company is the only producer of steel wires ropes in the Bulgaria and also its production program included over 400 item in various sizes and types for domestic market and for export.
“METIZI” is located in the town Roman, Northwestern Bulgaria in about 110 km distance from Sofia. The company’s ground is total 700 000 sq.m., including production buildings with total area of 133 000sq.m. The equipment includes: machines for production of steel wires, steel ropes, nails, woven nets, galvanized nets, slings, pickling lines, lines for hot dip galvanizing, lines for annealing, purification facilities, natural gas supply, electrical power supply, etc. The company has its own rail terminal on the Sofia to Varna railroad.

The main products of “METIZI”:

  • Low carbon steel wire (hard, annealed, ungalvanized) with diameter from 0.20 to 10.0 mm;
  • Galvanized steel wire with diameters from 1.6 to 5.0 mm;
  • High carbon steel wire including spring steel wire, constructional, galvanized and ungalvanized with diameter from 0.20 to 4.5 mm;
  • Various constructions steel wire ropes with diameter from 1.8 to 40 mm;
  • Slings with safe working load up to 40TF, hand splised or mechanical splised;
  • Nets and Wire mesh;
  • Nails, produced from low and high carbon steel.

The various range of products of “METIZI” is widely used in:

  • Mining industry;
  • Power stations;
  • Metallurgy;
  • Buildings;
  • Machine building;
  • Agriculture;
  • plenty of other branches of industry.

The policy of “METIZI” is oriented to offering all its clients competitive products that comply with the standards and meet their requirements and expectations.
“METIZI” sell its products to over 280 Bulgarian companies and satisfies their demands.
The export share of the production is more than 60% of the total annual volume and is intended for clients from Greece, Macedonia, Albania, Germany, Northern Africa etc.